(Re)finance your heavy equipment.
Fast & easy: we offer you leasing solutions that help your business grow.


Equipping entrepreneurship

We believe that SMEs power the economy. So we’ve made it our mission to equip entrepreneurship and fuel the economy. How? By offering unique, unconventional equipment leasing solutions for heavy equipment.


Don’t listen to the nay-sayers. We’re with “yes we can”, with solutions. We’re here for you.

Biggest independent equipment lease company in the Netherlands

Founded in 2015, Beequip has already financed more than € 1 billion of equipment, for over 3,000 SMEs.

Equipment first

We are entrepreneurs ourselves. We know the ins and outs of equipment. So we let its actual value weigh more heavily than your net income, cash flow or contracts.

Easy, flexible, fast

Finding leasing to be slow and complicated? Not with us! We strive to complete an application as soon as possible, so you can crack on with your business.

We are Beequip

Discover our flexible leasing solutions

Want to acquire new or used equipment or use your own equipment to increase your liquidity? We offer several leasing solutions to choose from, depending on your situation and requirements. All with transparent conditions, fair monthly lease terms and tenures from 1 to 15 years.

Financial lease

Financial lease is the most chosen leasing product for acquiring equipment. The legal ownership rests with the lease company and the economic ownership with the lessee. At the end of the contract, you automatically become the legal owner of the equipment.

Operational lease

This is another financial product for financing equipment. With operational lease, the lease company has both legal and economic ownership of the equipment. At the end of the lease contract, you choose to either return the equipment, buy it or extend the operational lease.

Sale & lease back

Sale & lease back is used if you already own equipment and you wish to quickly increase working capital. You sell your equipment to Beequip and lease it back via financial or operational lease. You immediately receive the value of the equipment while continuing to use it.

Want to lease containers or port equipment?

Please reach out to:

Clark van Oeveren

Lease Officer Containers & Port Equipment

(+31) 6 184 158 32

Want to lease workboats or maritime equipment?

Please reach out to:

Joost van den Berg

Lease Officer Maritime

(+31) 6 3041 9640